“LeftOvers” – Video by Drew Christianson


Drew Christianson released a short video from some leftover footage he shot with Stephen Sullivan at stephensullivanphoto.com and Katerine at Fitbodynow.wordpress.com.  Drew rides for Shinn, Dakine, Mutiny, AOK and Hyperflex and has a fluid, effortless looking style of riding. His passion and professionalism for kiteboarding is rare to find in this industry. Drew is a positive influence on many riders and his he has a bright future in this sport as well as in business. Check out this short that he recently edited himself.

Fire On Little Tybee – Photos


I caught word from a friend of a friend that Little Tybee was up in flames today. I quickly made my way over to the back river to check out what had happened. Arriving at the scene I was shocked that a very large portion of the island was covered in a thick smoke. The strange thing about this situation was that it seems that there was no sense of urgency in the air. The sailers kept sailing, the wind was calm and all of the people on the beach were just proceeding to act as they had no noticed an island was burning up just across the river.

John Mapel Fire

Fire Boat

Savannah Paddleboarding Video


Savannah Paddleboarding Video

This is a video we recently shot on Tybee Island in the back rivers and creaks towards the Crab Shack. It is an awesome place to paddle if you’ve never been. You almost always see dolphin and if you hit the tides right you can pretty much just float where you want to go.

“Stand Up Paddleboarding tours are a great way to see Savannah and Tybee Island. In this video we are taking a tour to the Crab Shack restaurant on Tybee Island. It is a scenic tour through the calm rivers and channels of the Savannah River.

AOK is now offering daily sup tours and special adventures. Call 912 786 8080 for more information and reservations.

Music By: Pretty Lights”


Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.02.21 PM

Here’s another music related post with some videos from a new artist that I found through my friend, Randy. I’m pretty impressed with the creativity from this band in both their music and videos. The musical structure of the songs are very interesting to me. The choice of instrumentation and vocal presentation really impresses me. I checked out some of this bands stuff on soundcloud.com and found it pretty interested that they’ve actually uploaded some of their demo session files up there so you can listen to each element by itself. Check it out – http://soundcloud.com/alt-j/

Here are a few of the videos that I found on youtube. I think Breezeblocks is definitely my favorite. What do you think?




Photos – Sherman Island

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.04.21 PM

So, I recently traveled to Sherman Island, CA, a well known kite destination for Bay Area kiteboarders and other riders looking for consistant, strong winds. I’ve attached my Flickr photostream to this post although it includes some photos later in the slideshow that don’t have anything to do with Sherman Island. I am being a bit lazy and didn’t feel like organizing the correct photos. Yes, my apartment is an unorganized mess right now too (don’t hate). Anyways, I said I would post some pictures so here they are..

Sorry for the link, i am trying to figure out how to embed my photostream into my post. In the meantime this should work.

Dakine Quest Pack – Photo

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.06.24 PM

The Dakine Quest Pack is by far my favorite pack i’ve ever used. Not only can I travel with all of my photo gear but I can also carry accessories, laptop, clif bars and red bull too. It also looks really sick with its green interior padding and storage space.

My favorite thing about this pack is the ease of use and the functionality in all of its parts. One stand out feature that the Quest has is the side entry with YKK zippers for easy access to your go to set up (i.e Nikon D90 with Tamron 10-24). If your looking for a pack that can fit a decent amount of equipment along with some extra “supplies” then the Quest is the way to go. Most packs that can hold this much equipment are way to bulky and never look as sleek and professional as the Quest pack. Check it out. http://www.dakine.com

Alex Bournay – New Shinn Video

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.09.49 PM

Elite Shinn rider, Alex Bournay “tears it up” in his new video short, “The Alex Bournay Identity”. Edit by Bartek Jankowski.

The Alex Bournay Identity from Bartek Jankowski on Vimeo.

Check out more of Alex Bournay on his site: alexbournay.com

Find more info on upcoming Shinn Models on the Shinnworld site: shinnworld.com

If you are in the USA and want to purchase a new Shinn, check out shinnusa to purchase or find a dealer online: shinnusa.com