I’ve been focusing on my photography lately because I have been off the water trying to rehabilitate my back after an ongoing battle with a bulging disk and inflammation around my spine. I just started PT so I should hopefully be back on the water soon. Here are a couple photos that I recently took while traveling home to connecticut for the weekend.

The above shot was taken on the runway at Westerly Airport. I was on my way back from Block Island, RI and before I left I thought I’d try to capture the soft lighting that was touching down on this small plane. My trip back was hot and very cramped but there was a very relaxed feeling to the flight and I thought this shot really reflected that.

I’ve been away from New England for so long I forgot about how awesome it feels during the summers. I took this shot as I was leaving my cousins house in Stonington, CT. There was Something about the way the light was beaming through these trees and how the air felt so clean and crisp made me want to capture this moment.

Wow, at this point I feel like I am working for a New England tourism website to help promote more travel in connecticut. Either way, this shot sums up my entire trip. I think I’ll leave that pretty open ended and let you just interpret.

Lou Cat
This is Lou. I thought this shot was interesting enough to post up here although it has nothing to do with my New England trip. Well, it was on the same memory card so maybe it has more in common than I think. Feel free to critique. I’m a huge fan of constructive criticism.

I will keep posting shots up on my blog from time to time but if you are interested in following my flickr just click this link. flickr

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