Shinn, The Street 135×41 Review

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Okay, I will try to sound like I am being somewhat constructive in my critique of the Shinn Street 135×41 however, I must tell you it is extremely difficult. I’ve been waiting for a board that would perform slightly similar to the Monk but would give me much better control while riding in boots and practicing wakestyle. The Street is definitely where it’s at!

I’ve actually only ridden this board with straps once and have been strictly riding it with boots ever since. This is not because I think it lacks anything with straps but only because it is absolutely excellent with boots. The rocker is the most noticeable difference that this board has compared to the others. I have been putting it to the test riding it finless, over land, in the waves, chop and off our local kicker. So far, it has done everything I could ask for in a board.

The Street comes naked so it is totally up to you how you want to set your ride up. I’ve been testing it with the Slingshot RAD Boots and no fins lately however, I have had a number of sessions while riding with the 43mm fins as well. If you weigh in the same as me, 158 lbs, then the heavier the boots the better since the Shinn boards are extremely light. I’ve notice that my heavier boots allow me to sit lower and grip the water much better in choppier conditions while riding finless. A few days ago I swapped out the RADS for an older pair of Slingshot boots called the D2. The result caused the board to feel more similar to what it feels like with fins. I definitely feel a lot more agressive edging power when I’m riding with the D2 boots. This may sound a little strange but I think that if the board had a little extra weight to it then it would totally stand out as an outstanding finless ride in all conditions.

The flex characteristics seem slightly similar to the Monks however it is a touch stiffer and you can feel that while popping this board. I think my pop has increased about 25-30% since I’ve started riding the Street over the Monk. The flex in the tips feels a bit more forgiving and less technical then some of the other rides such as the Player or SS (Supershinn). I think this board will definitely appeal to a large group of riders from wakestylers to freeriders. Obviously my preference for this board is wakestyle but I can definitely feel the versatility in its riding characteristics.

Last but not least, the graphics. One word, SICK. The top of the deck is absolutely beautiful. There is a pattern across the entire surface that is exceptionally simple yet stands out as such a unique design. The layers of colors create a “thatched” look while at the same time the “racing” stripes give it that “Shinn look”. The bottom deck graphic reminds me of the ski resort I grew up riding on in Vermont. Any guesses?..

Overall, I am excited to have a board that I get excited to ride before each session. I think my riding has become more “energetic” and stylish due to the performance of the Street. I think this board is definitely going to give the Monk some competition this year.

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